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hey there! i enjoy your blog and your twitter loads. i admire your style a whole lot. i was wondering if i could ask for advice if it's not too much? i'm 18 years old, residing in NYC for college. i'd like to start dressing a bit older, a bit more formal. right now, my tomboy style consists of nothing but men's clothes/shoes (with the exception for women's skinny jeans) and i seriously need to stock up on some nice women's tops/shoes that fit me, haha. know where i can start? thanks!

Hey! Thanks! For basic tops Club Monaco and J. Crew are both great. For shoes, it really depends but I’d go for quality because in NYC you’ll walk A LOT. But to start: A good pair of sneakers (I like tretorn nylites). A pair of flat high boots (I like riding boot silhouettes because they don’t go out of style). A pair of cool black ankle boots (i’m kind of obsessed with these right now). And a pair of super comfy loafers. A lot of people will say black flats but i just dont wear them so I’m the worst person to ask about that but I’m sure there are a gazillion options out there. Hope that helps :). - M

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